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this rich shoes can let you grow rich "overnight", do you believe it or not?
Post date: 2018-10-19

A while ago Mr Yang is a ticket circle turn crazy reality brocade carp, is said to be efficacious index up to 99.99%!

If you are superstitious enthusiasts, then forward "the more the Yang chao" might as well buy yourself a brocade carp, the color of the shoes, the riches of god beast of color is the color of prosperous wealth.

Everyone agreed on rich color, must is yellow, because a lot of people like to call it a "yellow", the so-called golden = gold, probably is this meaning.

Witch I incarnate today, according to the metaphysics and character analysis of the brocade carp color of shoes, summed up the "get rich shoes refers to the north" to share with you, hope these brocade carp, the color of shoes can let us "overnight", become the richest ~

Don't believe you first take a look at the "yellow" shoes, if these are your, you will not like?Being flip CARDS in yellow is the most critical red, with a soft spirit, and not too make public, a golden shoes can be the highlight of your whole body, is absolutely the good see index fingers trembling color shoes.

The enterprise international special fabric also have fabric as a "rich" shoe!

Product name: XQ218-88

Warm prompt

Incoming sample custom:

Customers with customized samples, we can determine the proofing, playing board for the customer to confirm again.

Product pictures for the photo

Due to the different display effect is not the same on the display

There may be color difference

The final color in kind prevail

Product photo

The finished product to show

Fabric characteristics

Product information parameters

The name of the


The material

By the side

The thickness of the





Suitable for women's shoes, bags, fashion, apparel, fashion;

Optional color

More color, can according to customer request custom color

Product features

1. Can injection, not burst

The enterprise shoes materialStand at the height of the industrial development, with the new idea of view updates to the overall concept of competition adjustment strategy, aiming at regional strategy extension market, to fully monitor management mode to achieve breakthrough, and upgrading of the full range of marketing has gradually built up a huge brand marketing network and marketing for enterprises has injected new vitality.

Company with "one step a footprint" pragmatic and pioneering spirit, to follow the trend of the charisma to becomeFashionable and special fabrics

Packing more fashionable you!

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