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Shoes the latest information about you and me, you must see!
Post date: 2018-10-22

01Possessing three years action push shoe industry regulation

Recently, the working group before HengFeng street chencun wenling shoe industry regulation and wish Yang Village, visiting within the houses as shoe companies have production.On the same day, a total of repel and empty houses 2 small shoe factory, was shut down 1 shoe companies suspected of tax evasion.

  Shoe industry is one of the traditional possessing characteristic industry, production and exports ranked first in the national counties.However, for a long time development pattern, the industrial level is not high, the innovation ability is not strong, become the constraint on the development of positive upward "hoops".

  At the beginning of wenling city with six shoe key towns (street) as the breakthrough point, comprehensive industry regulation raises three years.So far, the city has shut down shoe companies (workshop) 3367, demolition and wade shoes neo-treasure hill 1397 more than 350000 square meters.

  Traditional industry how to implement a "blanket" and "indomitable spirit"?From the way of possessing shoe nirvana, one can glimpse into two

In addition, possessing relying on "alibaba possessing belt" online e-commerce platform development, the construction industry e-commerce demonstration park, promote the shoe industry supporting logistics and modern service industry development, and create online belt + offline industrial park "Internet + industry" innovation model.At present, the industry has moved into shoes agent reached more than 1300, 2017 to complete the online turnover was 980 million yuan, drive the offline turnover of 1 billion yuan.

02Shoes' grim situation of environmental protection and development will be affected by checks and balances?And leather shoes is alone?

Actually, in the environmental protection high pollution and high environmental risk in the product name list (2015 edition), the 43 is finished leather (environmental protection except fixed layer leather finishing process;Except for damage caused by the non reactive dye dyeing process.

Our country is the world recognized the leather and shoe production country, pigs, cattle and sheep leather processing, a total of 170 million pieces, production accounted for 20% of the world's total.However in leather-making technology scientific research investment in China is insufficient, grim situation of saving energy and reducing consumption, the utilization rate of resources repetition is poor, environmental pollution has become a bottleneck in the development of leather industry in our country.

  It is known that leather industry in general can be divided into two kinds of light leather and leather.Chromium salt because of its excellent whatever sex, can gift leather high damp and hot stability, soft handle, and leather products excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance, and become the most widely of tanning agent in leather industry.Light leather is commonly used chrome tanning, vegetable tanning agent, etc of rawhide leather tanning processed into the texture of the lighter, industrial process will produce large amounts of chromium waste.Give priority to with light leather industry in our country, account for 90% of the whole leather products industry, that is to say, China's leather industry industrial chromium waste pollution's a fact.

  At present, for the control of pollution by chromium waste tanning process, has the corresponding national standards and the laws and regulations, for the shoe industry, leather is a kind of shoes materials, the relevant safety indexes also existing in all kinds of shoes in the standard regulation, footwear pollution to the environment, more is used in the process of shoemaking raw and auxiliary materials contain VOCs release to exceed bid.

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