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Wenzhou Lucheng foreign trade shoes enterprises to break through domestic trade

Release time:2020-10-19 Source:Guangzhou Xingqi shoes material Co., Ltd

Wan Jiayong is the general manager of Wenzhou juna Shoes Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province. Since this year, he has been in a high degree of tension. As a private enterprise specializing in the production of foreign trade shoes, 90% of the shoes produced by juna are sold to Russia, South Korea, Australia and other countries. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the global pandemic, the trading orders of the giant's have been cancelled, orders have been cancelled by more than 30%, and the order for delayed confirmation has been 20%. As a result, the enterprise's production workshop was forced to shut down in large areas. In the face of crowding, ironing cloth full of raw materials and semi-finished products in the warehouse, and facing so many supporting workers, wanjiayong is "under great pressure".


In Wen, Sequin cloth state is by no means an exception. Wenzhou is known as the "shoe capital of China" at home and abroad, while Lucheng district gathers 1 / 4 of the shoe enterprises in the city, and the shoe output accounts for 2 / 5 of the city. Facing the common difficulties of foreign trade shoe enterprises, Wenzhou City and Lucheng District government, based on the domestic circulation, actively acted to help the foreign trade shoe enterprises to change production and domestic sales, and strive to help enterprises break through the road of transformation. As early as February this year, before the resumption of work and production in China, Lucheng District Commerce Bureau began to plan the work plan of "protecting foreign trade orders", and dispatched a resident liaison to each foreign trade shoe enterprise, so as to timely understand the actual difficulties and needs faced by foreign trade shoe enterprises. At the same time, the finance has specially arranged more than 100 million yuan of stable foreign trade emergency loan funds to provide precise one-to-one assistance to enterprises. In order to alleviate the problem of fund difficulty of shoe enterprises, Wenzhou City and Lucheng District have successively introduced a series of measures, such as tax reduction, tax postponement, rent reduction, credit guarantee and financing cost reduction, to help enterprises ease the capital pressure. Liu Shaozhuan, director of juna shoes office, made an account for the reporter: since this year, their company's social security refund has been more than 500000 yuan, and the government has invested to charter a car to take back the employees from afar. The bank loan with a monthly interest rate of only 3% has saved more than 1 million yuan. Under the situation that the global epidemic situation has not been fundamentally controlled, there can not be much hope for foreign trade orders in the near future. To this end, Lucheng District government and relevant departments work together with relevant enterprises to help enterprises to switch to domestic trade and Gretel fabric products, so as to realize the compensation of foreign trade loss and domestic trade. Many enterprises specialized in the production of foreign trade shoes have set up production lines for domestic and foreign trade shoes. As a result, the vast majority of foreign trade shoe enterprises have got rid of the plight brought by the international epidemic. Foreign trade enterprises often have fixed sales channels in the world, while the challenge of changing to domestic trade is the lack of sales network and channels. To this end, the relevant departments of Lucheng District, together with pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms, invited foreign trade shoe enterprises to settle in the e-commerce platform through holding shoe and footwear investment fairs, leading enterprises from "offline" to "online" distribution. According to reports, juna Shoes Co., Ltd. has sold 5000-10000 pairs of shoes and boots to all parts of the country this year through online Red live broadcasting and e-commerce platform distribution. However, the sales volume of another shoe enterprise in Lucheng, YiMeier Yixing e-commerce Co., Ltd., has declined in general since this year, but due to the strong support of e-commerce platform, the monthly sales volume is still stable at more than 2 million yuan, which not only ensures the survival of the enterprise, but also stabilizes the employment.

Source: China economic times
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