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Make 400 million yuan in three months! "Dongdong shoes" are popular on the Internet

Release time:2020-10-19 Source:Guangzhou Xingqi shoes material Co., Ltd

While many shoe companies are struggling with the new crown epidemic, Crocs, a famous American casual shoe brand, has achieved a counter trend growth by relying on online sales. The company's performance in the second quarter is far beyond expectations.
Recently, Crocs released its financial results for the second quarter of 2020. During the reporting period, Crocs' global revenue reached US $331.5 million, down 7.6% compared with the same period last year; the net profit was $56.551 million (about RMB 400 million), up 44.27% year-on-year.
During the reporting period, the epidemic led to the closure of some Crocs stores, reduced business hours and retail sales. In the second quarter, Crocs' wholesale revenue fell by 19.5% and retail revenue by 41.8%.
In this epidemic, many physical retail stores had to close down, and Crocs, like other shoe and clothing brands, sold online. As consumers moved online, Crocs recorded a 67.7% increase in e-commerce sales revenue in the second quarter, with an increase of 102.2% in the Americas. The brand said its online business accounted for 56 per cent of sales in the second quarter, compared with 33 per cent last year.


Crocs pointed out that the strong growth in e-commerce sales began to weaken as offline stores continued to resume operations. Data shows that 98% of the 360 offline stores operated by Crocs have resumed operation. "Although the growth rate of online business has recently begun to moderate, it is clear that the new crown epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the U.S. consumer market, which will remain a high priority sales channel in the future," CEO Andrew Reese said


According to the financial report, although stores in the American market were closed for nearly two months in the second quarter, thanks to the strong growth of e-commerce sales, the overall revenue of the American market still showed a positive growth of 0.7%, while that of the Asia Pacific market, Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets showed negative growth. In the second quarter of the Asia Pacific market, wholesale revenue decreased by 44.8%, retail revenue decreased by 18.8%, and overall revenue decreased by 21%. Only e-commerce sales revenue recorded a positive growth of 31.7%. In addition, Crocs achieved positive revenue growth in the US, South Korea, China and Germany in the second quarter.
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